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Postbird is the ideal solution for the post sending of companies

Integrate in multiple ways with Postbird or use our web application to send all your letters, registered letters and invoices. Our user-friendly service not only saves you a lot of time by making manual work unnecessary, but also ensures less costs. Thanks to Postbird, the purchase of printers, ink, stationery, envelopes and stamps is completely unnecessary. Sending a letter online with Postbird is possible from 0.87 €. So why hesitate? Contact us for your tailor-made solution!

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"We would use Postbird for years if we knew it existed. Our company used to spend a lot of work and money on printing and sending the letters. Now we can very easily send letters to from behind the computer. Postbird is a very handy tool for every company that wants to save time and money!"

This is how it works

You upload the letter on our platform, we do the rest.

1. Use our web application

Use our application and easily send all your outgoing mail. Upload the letters, determine the preferences and once the payment has been made, all letters will be processed for sending. By using our service, you save time and money. 

2. API integration

Postbird has developed an API that can be used to integrate with any application. More information can be found in our documentation.

3. Mail integration

Create an email address that will receive the letters in PDF and provide us with the desired specifications. An example is registered-in-color@company.com. From our side, we will ensure that Postbird will automatically scan the mailbox and process the letters in the attachment to send them.

4. Tailored solutions

Does one of the above options not meet your needs? Contact us for a specific solution tailored to your company.

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